No Ordinary Day & No Ordinary Brotherhood

Hi All,
I am Fahad Mahmood from Lahore, Pakistan.

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I came to know brother George Green in an awkward situation when his website was hacked earlier. Although it was just a routine job for me to recover a website but something unusual it was this time in a working relationship. It was a beautiful beginning of such a trustworthy relationship with a Muslim brother. After that we worked on Childhood Champions together and many other tasks, day by day our relationship was getting stronger.
I feel really good when i see my brother doing fantastic job around the world.

I love the way he is helping people with water wells. He is working on kids from a different perspective and giving them a beautiful inspiration with for their childhood, yes i am talking about “No Ordinary Day”.

I love this book, brother George sent me this book and also the t-shirt. Thank you so much for this love. I wish you all the best and my prayers are for you to be successful in your life. May Allah bless you more to beautify the lives of poor people around the world.

Touching the youth through reading…….

Another awesome letter shared with us. Amazing how the youth respond with short letter on how they feel and what they enjoyed in the book.

Dear George

I loved your book because I like when Hakeem announces the winners. I also liked when you drew Hakeem makeing the last score to win in the socer game. I also liked when Hakeem pulled his shirt up and the words on his shirt said ALLAH is great.